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The X9

The X9

12psgr TRUCK/HUMMERSINE: $250++/hr
12psgr TRUCK/HUMMERSINE: $250++/straight transfer. Outside of Rush Hour. Meaning your pick-up would have to be between 7pm & 12am.
12psgr TRUCK/HUMMERSINE: $250++/2hr min. Between 4pm & 7pm.
12psgr TRUCK/HUMMERSINE: $250++/2hr Min. After 1230am.
‎12psgr TRUCK LIMOUSINE. TO YYC TRANSFER. STRAIGHT TRANSFER ONLY: $250++. With Luggage trailer @ $75++
12psgr TRUCK/HUMMERSINE: 4hrs or More @ $225++/hr.
12psgr TRUCK/HUMMERSINE: 8hrs or More @ $200++/hr.

X9: 8, ‎12, 20, 24, 28psgr Pearl Onyx Black Tri-Coat Limo Truck. Sound Powered by FOCAL. 6.7L Scorpion Diesel.

You have all seen these new limousines prowling the streets of Calgary. It’s a statement upon itself. Also it’s a “ Transport Canada Legal Super-Capacity Stretch Limousine”. Equipped with Ford’s Ultra Low Emission engine,  2tone black with silver accented upholstery, full length stainless steel starlight ceiling, this unit is absolutely gorgeous! Fully equipped with Focal/Hertz Sound components, 4 Large sinks for beverages, up to 28 cup holders

This unit has an incredible diversified list of applications. It can move up to 28ppl for a straight transfer, haul 20ppl and a boat to the lake, or a Bar-b-que trailer. Looking to make a statement at a corporate charity event? We’re all in. Whether you have only 8 ppl or 28ppl, we have packages for all. Quad Core A/C systems and Heat boosters for all seasons. Making the chill on a hot summer day invigorating or the frigid cold of winter day disappear. Email us today @ info@xlimo.ca for ideas or questions.

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