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Beware This Classic Limo Scam

When you’re planning a wedding, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a Stampede night out, or just the best birthday bash you can think of, you don’t really want to worry about people driving home, or trying to hail cabs or transit. So you pick up a limousine for you and all your friends, and you look forward to piling in and arriving to your destination in style.

But what if the limo that shows up isn’t the one you wanted at all? What if it’s not big enough to hold your entire group, or is lacking in all the extras that you paid for? Unfortunately, this type of situation is far too common in the industry, and here at XLIMO.CA we are committed to giving the best possible limo experience you can have in Calgary, and delivering what our customers pay for…and then some extra!

One of the most common scams from less reputable companies is the “bait and switch”. This is where they will show you their best vehicle, claiming it is representative of their entire fleet – only to show up with something entirely different on the day of your event. They know that by the time they arrive, you won’t have time to change to another limo company, and you’ll have to take whatever they offer. Obviously, this is a big problem!

So how can you avoid falling prey to this classic setup? The best way is to simply be careful and diligent when choosing a company – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Check reviews from past customers and don’t be afraid to call in and ask any relevant questions you have. If they’re reputable, they should have satisfactory answers ready to go without much trouble.

When actually booking a limousine, it’s worth a trip to go see the limo you want, and to visually inspect it beforehand. Get the VIN and license plate number of the exact vehicle you chose, and use that in the contract so there is no confusion. And speaking of contracts, be sure to get one! It’s always better for both customer and company to have exact details in writing. Don’t sign anything that doesn’t match what you want, and don’t give out your credit card info until you are satisfied that your business is safe with them.

Remember, a fancy website with lots of sleek pictures is easy to make. Many companies advertise vehicles that they don’t actually have in their fleet – and beyond that, some advertise limousines that aren’t even legal to drive in Alberta, or even Canada! That’s why it’s important to physically go see the one you want to get – you’ll be sure to get exactly what you expect, rather than something different.

For every customer – new or returning – we aim to bring a new quality and level of service that leaves them stress-free and with a smile on their face. When you need a beautiful limousine for your event in Calgary or southern Alberta, let us know and we will be thrilled to show you what we can do! Use our online booking form, or simply call us at 403-702-4000 to get started. We’ll be happy to give you the tour of our fleet and let you choose for yourself what works!