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Ford QVM (QUALITY VEHICLE MANUFACTURER) & Transport Canada Certified Engineered Safe Limousine Customer Benefits

Ford Fleet Website: “If you are planning on renting a limousine, the National Limousine Association (NLA), the QVM-CMC Vehicle Manufacturers Association and Ford Motor Company strongly recommend that you only ride in limousines that are built by manufacturer certified Coachbuilders.
Ford Motor Company’s certification program is called, “QVM” which stands for Qualified Vehicle Modifier. The rules governing the QVM program are stringent and are designed with the vehicle capabilities in mind.
QVM rules state that only Lincoln MKT Town Cars are approved for conversion into a stretch limousine. In addition, QVM rules specify that a MKT Town Car can only be stretched 120″.
Ask your limousine company which modifier they purchased it from and then determine if they are a Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM)”

Their post is a little on the gray area. You may also view (Please look at Executive Coach Builders Inc for the authorized builder): http://www.tc.gc.ca/motorvehiclesafety/safevehicles/importation/usa/vafus/list2/Section6_0.htm


It is also to be known that our F550 Stretch Limousine Style busses are the only super capacity vehicles of their kind that have an original chassis built by Ford capable of handling the weight. What you would rather prefer? A limousine that had a GVWR of 10’000lbs before it was stretched and now sits as a stretch with a empty curb weight of 8500lbs……(which only gives you 1500lbs of additional weight to be able to put in it. Don’t forget the 200lb driver)….or a vehicle that has a GVWR of up to 26’500lbs with a GCVW of up to 33’000lbs… As you can see with the numbers…the vehicle that has more weight load capacity has already been engineered by the original chassis manufacturer to handle the weight safely. Limousine Coach Builders do not upgrade braking, power and/or suspension systems. That is only at the request of a special order by the customer. 99% of customers purchasing a new limousine want to build it as cheap as possible. So they can rent it as cheap as possible. They don’t care about safety. They only care about profit. 

You can build a NON-QVM stretch limousine legally. You just have to pay enough to have it properly built. Which is rarely done. Again, most limousine owners want the cheapest limo = cheapest rental rates = quick buck = compromised safety.


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