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limo rental checklist

Limo Rental Checklist

So you’ve got a big event coming up, and you want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Whether it’s a wedding, a Stampede or stagette party, a graduation, or just a big corporate getaway, one of the most important aspects of a good night out is the transportation – making sure that everyone gets where they’re going, and enjoys the trip while doing so.


With that said, you may be overwhelmed by the choices you can find online for limo service in Calgary. A quick search can return hundreds of results – how do you know who to give your business to? It turns out that there are some telltale good (and bad) outward signs on any limo that indicate the professionalism, quality, and dedication of the company it belongs to, and that can help you make an informed decision of who to call. Here’s our Limo Rental Checklist!


  1. Does the A/C work properly, blowing ice-cold air?

This is a simple test that speaks volumes about the maintenance of the limo. It’s a relatively cheap service that makes a world of difference to customers – if they haven’t taken care of this, they likely won’t take care of you.


  1. Do the power windows work?

More than just a convenience feature, this is an actual safety concern: in case of accident, the windows must be accessible as an emergency exit. If they do not respond and are inoperable, that’s a red flag!


  1. Check the tires. Are they clean, or are they brown and dirty? Do they look worn? Are they covered in tire dressing?

Companies may use tire dressing to cover up defects in tires before they get to the site and show the vehicle to you. Don’t fall for it! (We like our tires shiny too, but we wait until we’ve brought the limo to you and let you look at it before we put the dressing on.) If the tires are bald, worn, dirty, or otherwise defective, be aware that there may be more problems in store.


  1. Check the rims too. Are they cracked or dirty?

A little bit of road dust is unavoidable, but caked-on globs of mud and dirt are unacceptable. The small details like this will help you decide whether a company actually prides itself on cleanliness, or if it is just putting on a show to get a quick buck.


  1. Is the paint job faded, cracked, or dull?

A lackluster paint job is the first thing you’ll notice when the limo pulls in – and if it doesn’t impress right off the bat, then it shouldn’t have even left the garage. Make sure the limo you choose makes you say “Wow!” when it pulls in!


  1. Is the windshield free from cracks, debris, and chips?

Not just a safety hazard, a cracked windshield simply looks unprofessional and unacceptable. The driver should be able to see everything in front of the limo with no trouble – if the glass isn’t up to par, then be wary of what else is hidden where you can’t see it.


  1. Test the sound system.

If you’re paying for a top-quality limo, you should get top-quality sound inside it. If you hear blown speakers, static, or no music at all, take your business to another company that will provide such simple entertainment.


  1. Look around the wheel wells, the doors, the panel joints, and so on. Do you see any rust?

Rust, given enough time, invades most vehicles over the course of years – but your limo shouldn’t be that old, nor should that poorly maintained. Rust can be greatly reduced simply by taking care of your vehicle, so it’s in a company’s best interest to stay on top of it and minimize costs down the road. If they haven’t, it’s likely that they’re not careful in other areas of business either.


  1. Ask to see a copy of the registration, insurance, and Alberta Operating Authority Certificate.

These are all crucial documents that are mandatory for a limousine service in Alberta. If your driver cannot produce these, they could be pulled over and detained by a Commercial Enforcement Officer, which would really throw a wrench into your plans. Don’t take the chance!


  1. Does the limo meet the QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier) standards set out by Ford, and is it compliant with Transport Canada’s laws on limousine transportation practices?

These questions ensure that the limo is inspected, reliable, and above all, built to hold up to the exacting standards of safety set out by Ford. A vehicle without these designations may have been modified without regard to the allowable weight limit, proper materials, safety features, and so on.


For example, 12 people all together likely weigh nearly 2,000 lbs – if a vehicle isn’t built to hold that amount, don’t risk it! Always make sure that you have the right limo for the group, and that you’re riding safely.


There you have it! Our limo rental checklist consisting of 10 easy steps to check if the limo you’re looking at is a great deal, or a terrible one. If you want to avoid the hassle altogether and go to the proven, fully certified and Transport Canada-approved limo providers, right here in Calgary – you’re in the right place! Here at XLIMO.CA, we pride ourselves on great customer service and following through on our commitments, including keeping our vehicles sparkling and up-to-date with the newest technology. Give us a call at 403-702-4000 or book in by visiting our convenient online portal to ask about our availability and to reserve your limo today!