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When it comes to the most important events – and the most important people – in your life, you want to ensure reliable, comfortable, and consistent service with the people you’ve entrusted to take care of transportation. When you see a limousine roll past, your first thought may be to think that the people inside are having the time of their lives – but the truth is, there are plenty of limousine companies out there, and they are not all as professional as you might expect!

So what should you look for when booking transportation for your events?

The biggest error that many people make is to book a limo based only on the price. There are many variances of quality, service, selection, and extras that go into the price, and choosing a company solely because you might save a bit of money is usually bad news. You don’t buy food based only on the price you pay for it, so why would you do the same with your limo service? It’s fair to say that what you save in dollars is paid for with bad service, frustration, lack of communication, and inconvenience – and that can ruin an otherwise great day in itself.

That doesn’t even mention that cheap prices often translate to old, dirty, unsafe, and poorly maintained vehicles. Many limo companies will even claim that their vehicles can hold more people than they’re able – for example, did you know that not a single stretch limousine in Canada, aside from our F550s, has been certified by Transport Canada & Ford to safely hold more than 10 passengers? These are the kind of things that are important to know. You don’t want to book a vehicle and then end up with 12 people crammed in to a small space like sardines. Such concerns shouldn’t even be on the list of things you have to worry about on the way to a wedding or special event – so why take the chance? Go for a professional limousine company that has proven itself to be clean, safe, communicative, and focused on high-quality customer service, with a fleet of properly maintained and registered vehicles.

Another mistake that many customers make is to take the company’s word that they will send the best-looking limo seen on a website. It is easy to fall for a trap like this, only to wind up in a pinch on the day of the event, and taking whatever is available because you are desperate for a vehicle. Shop smart! Ask to see the company’s selection, and don’t be afraid to ask for written confirmation of what you’re paying for, and what you will get. Everything from what the vehicle will be and look like, to how the driver will appear and act, to strict timelines and follow-up confirmation calls – a good company will already know all of this, and deliver the information in a timely and courteous manner. In fact, our built-in redundancy system – with e-confirmations, and reminder calls at 30 days, 7 days, 1 day, 4 hours, and 30 minutes before the event – makes sure that you know exactly what to expect and that we have not forgotten about the importance of your business.

Also be aware of how secure the transaction is. You wouldn’t give out your credit card number on the phone to just anyone, even for a small amount – there needs to be the promise of security involved. That’s why we’ll only accept credit card numbers on our website, never over the phone.

We are so dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction that we make a promise to each one: if your limousine is not available, we will find one that is just as good or even better – even if it costs us more than you paid us in the first place. Our reputation is our #1 asset and we take it very seriously – after all, how many companies will make that promise?

Not many. And that’s why we consider ourselves the top professional limousine company in Calgary. Find out for yourself at www.xlimo.ca, by calling us at 403-702-4000, or sending an email over to info@xlimo.ca. We look forward to working with you!