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The X7 8 Passenger Silver Top

The X7

X7‎: 6 - 8psgr Executive Silver w Black Tuxedo Top Limousine.

Whether it be a professional corporate day transfer or evening out, this limousine is designed for the more reserved clients. A black cloth top wrapped upon a Silver metallic coat of paint, demonstrates your desire to tell the world that you appreciate the quality and standard of a limousine without all the flash. Perfect for Airport transfers as well. Email us today @ info@xlimo.ca for ideas or questions.


8psgr Limousine: $150++/hr

8psgr Limousine: $125++/straight transfer. Outside of Rush hour. Meaning you pick up would have to be between 7pm & 12am.

8psgr LIMOUSINE: $150++/2hr min. Between 4pm & 7pm.

8psgr LIMOUSINE: $150++/2hr Min. After 1230am.