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You got the best deal. You searched and searched. All the websites looked good. The photos on the website looked good. You called and asked just 1 simple question: How much for 10ppl? You get your answer and call the next place. One company wants $500/hr and another wants $90/hr. They told you they have a 14psgr Limo for you. That’s all they told you. You didn’t ask the year,  make or model. So many operators will gladly mislead you. What happens…they show up with a 5 or 10 or 20 year old limousine. Do not get me wrong, I have seen a 20yr old limousine in immaculate condition. Stunning and superbly maintained. But that’s 1/1000.

Our Owner, says: “It doesn’t take very long to trash a brand new limo. I once went to look at a limo to purchase that looked incredible in the photos. It was a limo that was 6 months old and only with 20000kms on it and it was trashed. I can tell you without a doubt, to run a compliant, legal and safe and profitable limousine service in Canada, I need to be charging $350/hr for a 12psr Limousine. Due to market over-saturation, the product (being limo services) has crashed. The very bare minimum is $250/hr. All the competition has to do is show you a photo of a limo on a website and BAM! Your signing your life away. All for a few dollars.”

Kurt Thiessen at XLIMO.CA has spent the last 12yrs in the business. Started his mission to inform the public of what they need to know about renting a limousine. “I figured the only way I can compete is to help the general public become self aware. Inform the masses. Help them make a more informed decision.”

Kurt Thiessen (Owner of XLIMO.CA): “When people ask only that one first question and I return the question with a question, some folks get defensive. Its very simple. There are so many variables that affect pricing.  You can get the same limo for as high as $500/hr to as low as $125/hr. How much are you spending with us? The more you spend, the more you get.”

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